XAPPRIKA is an internet startup on a mission to push the boundaries of businesses through building impactful online presence.

At XAPPRIKA we believe that every business needs to be recognized and to be given a proper opportunity to showcase its work to the world.

We believe that businesses need to be in control of their digital assets, to be able to present their products and services in the best way possible, and to guarantee the efficiency of their online efforts.

Our services range from Website Design & Development, Mobile Apps Development and management of digital marketing tools like promotions and analytics.


It’s for the professionals, and for the aspiring startups.

It’s not only the ” .com ” domain that makes a difference, but ability to stand-out from the crowd who share the same style of social media pages and accounts.

Your brand identity should be vivid in the way you present yourself and how your image is percieved to the world. A website is your digital “Storefront”, it should be unique, personal and delivering your point.


Websites and mobile applications give you much more than online presence, they should be the primary strategic front to reach out to new clients, deliver your marketing messages and handle so much of your work for you.

It’s a boost to your business performance and fulfillment. 

Websites & Apps

Managing your online gateway is your first step towards the digitalization of your business. Websites and apps are only the beginning.

Professional Email

Instead of texting client through casual chatting apps, it would be much more professional to text them through your [email protected]



Search engine optimization. We do it with every website to make sure you come first in search engines and give users relevant information on their first visit.


We provide analytics for every digital aspect. Demographics and customer behavior are all presented to you to improve your digital presence over time.


Whether you’re selling products or services, professional photography and videography helps the client visualize what you’re proposing.

Digital Development

We don’t stop here. There’s always room for improvement and new ideas rushing in to optimize every aspect of your digital marketing and presence.


At XAPPRIKA, we appreciate our clients’ decision to take their business to the next level.

We take this decision seriously and dedicate our efforts to come with a fully customized website that’s tailored to their business needs.


Chaos Products

Chaos products offers an all-in-one natural hair care range, creating organic hair and skin blends, natural and junk-free.


Aspire learning space is helping individuals to build their capacities through a powerful LMS.


30Minyt is a local meal kit provider that distills all the love, care and quality of the meals you love into 30-minute trips to the kitchen.

Dr. 7alan

Dr. 7alan is a new mobile app aimed towards connecting doctors with patients that need instant home visits across Egypt.

Chacha beauty

Chacha is a monthly susbcription box for beauty products.


Shahira Lasheen luxury fashion house has become synonymous with intricate hand-embellished couture since its inception.


More than four hundred websites are created every minute, and 75% of users admit to making judgments about a company’s credibility based on their website’s design. You can’t be more ready.

There’s no taking leaps, it’s a simple process of brainstorming, design, development and launching.

We did websites for artists, healthcare professionals, factories, interior design firms, travel services providers and construction companies.

Whether your business is just starting out or settled but looking for renovation, we’re ready to help you with our experience, dedication and with a mission to push the boundaries of businesses through building impactful online presence.


Whether you are

✓ Ready to go
✓ Still thinking about it
✓ Have some concerns
✓ want to know where to begin

we’ll be always listening …

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